CHECK-IN: Jeff Doyle (Khanadian Media)

Special thanks to BikingVikingMan who supplied many of the screenshots in this piece and has been very diligently keeping an eye on Doyle.

We’ve been trying to avoid giving too much air to Jeff Doyle because he’s such a obvious attention seeker. If we didn’t know that he is pretty rich, we’d probably have pegged him as an aspiring grifter, but as you can see, he’s not exactly hard up for money. As far as we can tell, Doyle’s motivation is that of a lonely man with few friends desperately seeking any kind of attention he can get, regardless of whether that attention is good or bad.

Doyle really wants you to know that he has money, because that makes him better than you.

Doyle came on our radar back in December 2018 when he was spamming locals with his stupid Yellow Vests group. With the Yellow Vests waning, Doyle has focused his energies of Khanadian Media, which is like his one-man version of Rebel Media. Indeed, it seems Doyle has found some of the recognition and approval he so desperately craves from the audience of racist baby boomers, far-right loons and highly impressionable, media illiterate conspiracy theorists he’s been accumulating with his terrible content.

Below is a sample of the content you will find on Khanadian Media on a given day:

Doyle is very clear that he dislikes Muslims and they are the primary target of his tirades. Usually the people we’re looking into have been suspended from Facebook before or they have deleted their old posts so we don’t get he chance to look too far into their past, but in Doyle’s case we actually had that opportunity. Doyle is a former devout Christian, now a born again Atheist. He appears to have in the past expressed positive sentiments towards Socialism, been a Libertarian and to have been interested in causes like Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, WikiLeaks and of course, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. His ideological trajectory from the nebulous, neither-left-nor-right populism of those movements to the far-right is one that is very familiar to us at this point.

More recently, Doyle filmed a bizarre video of himself playing Pokemon outside a local mosque. He was also spreading the address of a strip mall recently purchased by Omar Khadr.

As far as his network, Doyle is Facebook friends with many recognizable Canadian far-right figures like Dan Dubois (C3), Ryan Dunn McClean (C3), Jesse James (De Jour Canada) and Georges Hallak (Council of Concerned Conservative Citizens).

He was also friends with outright neo-nazi Kevin Goudreau prior to Kevin being banned from Facebook and liked the page for Kevin’s Canadian Nationalist Front.

Of course, like most of the people we’ve covered on our site, Doyle is also very big on conspiracy theories.

To no one’s surprise, as they often do, these conspiracy theories tend to end up being pretty anti-Semitic.

Doyle himself strikes us as a huge coward and not very threatening, but he has graduated to the real world once with his dumb Pokemon stunt. It’s hard to say how seriously he takes the things he posts, but with that said, his desire to see harm come to Muslims feels genuine. Some of his followers definitely take the material he posts seriously though, as evidenced by their comments in response to the fire at Notre Dame.

Doyle kind of comes across as a confused young man, but he is in his thirties, making this hobby of his an extremely pathetic one. This is literally a guy who spends his free time waving around hundred dollar bills while attacking every vulnerable and marginalized group that he can. The guy is simply an awful person and a huge piece of shit. He’s the type of guy that makes you want to call his parents and tell them to have a talk with their son; until you realize the dude in question is old enough to have kids of his own.

Hopefully, one day Doyle will grow up and find better things to do with his life; but unless he faces real social consequences for his behaviour, we think this is unlikely to happen.

5 thoughts on “CHECK-IN: Jeff Doyle (Khanadian Media)

  1. You guys are so off the plot on this guy and Danny Piazza.

    As mentioned before. You guys clearly are grasping at straws to paint a dark picture of the Yellow Vests (which I’m not a part of).

    Jeff Doyle isn’t a racist. He’s a bit of a crazy guy who spends too much time reading conspiracy theories I’ve the last couple decades. He’s not rich. He’s just some guy with too much time on his hands.

    He’s always been a guy with a heart of gold. He defends kids who gets picked on and fights their bullies. He will run down an alley ready for a fight when he hears a girl screaming, in case there’s a mugger or a rapist. He’s a good guy who loves everyone who isn’t a piece of shit.

    You guys definitely don’t know even 10% if what you’re talking about.

    I’ve known Jeff for 30 years and Danny for 20. They’re not dangerous. They’re just a couple of guys who spend way too much time on YouTube and conspiracy sites.

    Which is exactly what I have to say about you guys. Go do something real with your lives. Stop spreading slander about people you know nothing about.


  2. Look what Jeff Doyle just posted on Canadian Media like an hour ago

    And you guys are calling this guy racist and a muslim hater!?! He randomly joined a protest to help save Palestinians.

    This man is a stud 😍

    Nahhhhh this boy just doesn’t like ISIS or Rothchildes


  3. This guy used to beat the crap out of bullies for picking on kids in highschool
    No one in town with more street fights under his belt
    Jeff punishes the wicked, don’t think you want to get on his bad side, if you do good luck


  4. It says this guy didn’t like Bush Sr. to Obama?

    The man started the wars that got innocent Muslims killed in hoards in his hunt for oil, along with his warmonger son and later Obama the drone killer who inherited the war and went on to kill the most muslims out of any other president.. which is strange because he went on to admit his muslim faith himself.

    We all know the Clintons are very corrupt by now.

    I don’t know, something is fishy with this article. These people seem like they’re out to attack the Yellow Vest movement.

    This Jeff Doyle guy is obviously a bit crazy but seems to know what he’s talking about… even though the pokemon video is a bit ridiculous, it seems playful.

    In this article he hasn’t really said anything hateful either, just offensive about extremist radicals… is that really such a bad thing??

    His remarks aren’t antisemetic either. He acknowledges that “Jews are pretty chill” then blames the international banking cartel leaders. It seems he was drawing a line to distinguish the Rothchild family from the Jewish people.

    Better journalism should be employed in the search for the truth… I believe you the writers are a bit confused.

    Sorry about the novel but when I read this, I figured it required a proper breakdown from an honest perspective.

    And stay Canadian


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