Andrew Beaudin A.K.A. Ron Dubeau A.K.A. Russel Shackleford A.K.A. Ronald Beaudin

We first ran into this man while we were putting together our last post and given the seriousness of what we found, we thought it would be a good idea to look further into him and try to de-anonymize him.

There was no immediate indication on his profile that he lives in Sudbury, but when we looked through the likes on his posts and his friends list we found many locals. We also noticed that the only news outlets he likes on Facebook were also local.

Further probing led us to a thread where another local man offered to loan him an Allan wrench and at that point we were reasonably sure he was in Sudbury.

We put a call out for any information people might have and one of our followers quickly found something.

Indeed, the same individual also uses the pseudonym Russel Shackleford and a article from 2014 features a gentleman named Andrew Beaudin who goes by the name Russel Shackleford online.

Beaudin is a military veteran and he would be about thirty-two years old now. He has three Facebook accounts that all look pretty much identical under the names Ron Dubeau, Russel Shackleford and Ronald Beaudin(yes, he used his real surname).

As you can see, he’s a real charmer.

He’s also a flat earther, which would be funny, if we hadn’t seen flat earthers turn out to be Holocaust deniers a bunch of times.

This is the most recent photo of him that we could find:

We reported all his accounts for hate speech and having fake names, but we don’t expect much.

If you know anything more about this guy, please give us a shout. We’re especially interested in where he works (if he works) and what area he lives in.

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