I’m never been here before. What should I read first?

Check out the Resources section. The posts there are the ones we think are the best for people who are visiting our site for the first time.

What is the point of all of this?

This site basically exists because we personally are concerned about these people and think it’s important to keep an eye on them and what they are up to. If anyone else is interested, then it is here and available for them too. Our expectations for the impact of this page are pretty modest.

Why only Sudbury?

We work full-time jobs and have limited time to do this. Narrowing our focus to a specific geographic area is the simplest way to ensure we do a good job with the time that we have available. If we run into anything else that has relevance in the course of this, we will of course put that info out.

How can I help?

Tell your friends about us! If you’re interested in helping with research, do get in contact with us.

How many people do this?

Right now there are two.

My uncle is racist. Are you going to dox him?

Generally, we aren’t in the business of exposing racist uncles. We focus on people who are members of groups: e.g. Soldiers of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition. The big exception is if a individual is involved in racist and/or far-right organizing to a significant extent or if they are publically promoting hate.

Are you condoning or encouraging violent retaliation against the individuals featured on this blog?

No. Let’s say that again: No.