Big Trucks and Bigots Come to Town

Yesterday we had the misfortune of finally meeting the United We Roll / Yellow Vests Convoy. When we arrived shortly after 12pm there were just a small group of supporters dutifully waiting in the cold for the much hyped convoy; most of them clad in yellow vests and already familiar to us from previous Yellow Vest demonstrations in the city. There were also a few people we know to be close to the Soldiers of Odin, but none of them were in colors. Suffice to say, before the convoy arrived, the scene was a fairly unimpressive gathering of local cranks, conspiracy theorists and xenophobes.

In addition to these individuals, we spotted Dan Dubois and Rob Ferris of Canadian Combat Coalition parked nearby and overhead them talking about how the convoy did not know how to get to the Petro Pass. It was decided that they would go meet the convoy and direct them where to go. We waited around and watched as a few more locals arrived while they went to meet the convoy.

In short, a hate group leader was summoned to lead this convoy into town. For a convoy that is supposed to not be a Yellow Vests convoy, there certainly were a lot of people wearing yellow vests on the convoy.

We didn’t hear at the time but they also called themselves Yellow Vests.

We took some pictures and video, but as usual, Dan Dubois’s big mouth and his livestream provided us with more information than we could ever have collected ourselves. It is worth running through a few of the people who were on the convoy to give you a better idea of what kind of event this was.

(UPDATE: We’ve added another blog post with more background on Dan Dubois and C3)

Riding on the lead truck was Keean Bexte, a reporter with Rebel Media, which would be bad enough on its own if he hadn’t already been involved with a white supremacist online store. Also on board the convoy was Carl Edward Fleury, who used to run the Alberta branch of C3, but now works with hate outlet Free Bird Media. Finally, we have Christopher Hayes, who has been associated with several hate groups and was once convicted for threatening the Prime Minister.

All told we counted eighty-six vehicles that arrived, though some of these were definitely locals arriving late and it was impossible for us to see what provinces were on the license plates from our vantage point. The trucks themselves were mostly just plain pick-up trucks with tacky decals, signs and flags attached to them. The most common slogans on them were along the lines of “BUILD THE PIPELINE”, which seemed to us like the Canadian analogue of Trump’s “BUILD THE WALL”.

There were also a few trucks that were just funny.

But before we wrap up this post, we want to talk about pipelines for a moment, because there’s a definite subtext to all this “BUILD THE PIPELINE” sloganeering occuring the midst of the ongoing siege and looting of the Unist’ot’en camp, who are defending their land from having a pipeline built on it. These truckers aren’t racist, they just, you know, think it’s fine build a pipeline through indigenous people’s land, regardless of whether the indigenous people in question consent or not. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty damn racist to us. We couldn’t call ourselves anti-racist without supporting indigenous struggles. Let’s not pretend there isn’t any racism going on there, because there obviously is, and it doesn’t begin and end with a convoy of angry truckers.

Not does it begin and end with one political party.

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