Danny Piazza (Yellow Vests Canada)

To start off, we need to give a little introduction to the Yellow Vests Canada group on Facebook. There’s many articles about the group and there’s even a whole project dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the disturbing content there where they do excellent work. This post is going to deal with two of the moderators of that group: Danny Piazza and a recent addition who will already be familiar to our readers, Jeff Doyle.

The admin of the group is a guy named Tyler Malenfant, who’s already been on people’s radar for a long time. We’re not going to get into covering him here; but the short story is that he’s notorious for being a crank, liar and racist.

We’d seen Danny before on the Yellow Vests Canada page, but didn’t think to start looking into him until we saw him chatting it up with Jeff Doyle. When we looked at Danny’s Facebook timeline we immediately noticed an interesting detail.

2011 is a long time ago, but once we started looking around it didn’t take much work to check out other people from Sudbury with the same surname, locate the recently active Facebook profile of his spouse and confirm that he probably still lives here.

Yes, it’s the same guy. Clicking on his name took us straight to his page.

We don’t know too much about Danny yet so this post is going to be a bit of a call-out for any information our readers may have. We do know he knows Jeff Doyle though and in fact we did notice Doyle angling for a moderator position in the Yellow Vests Canada group a little while ago, which it turns out he was successful at.

It also looks like the two of them of known each other for much longer than the Yellow Vests have been around.

Danny’s posts about the “movement” and such are pretty ridiculous when he just moderates a group largely known for racism and death threats.

His rhetoric is the kind of confused, vaguely populist mess that were used to by now. He uses leftist and rightist concepts interchangeably and doesn’t make very much sense. If there’s a coherent worldview behind any of his nonsense then he hides it very well.

Workers of the world unite!

Jeff Doyle we’ve already covered recently and the only real update we have on him since publishing that post is that he is threatening to sue us for essentially just us quoting things said publically. (Nevermind that he made several posts in response to our blog where he insinuated that we are sex offenders. That’s a little thing called free speech.)

He also keeps trying to get us to fight him, which we are not going to do because we are adults.

Stop messaging us, fool.

We haven’t heard from any lawyers yet and we’re just going to ignore this, like we do with all of the other baseless empty threats we receive. We will also suggest to anyone out there worried about being featured on our page that a very simple and easy way to avoid that is to not be racist or associate with racist groups.

Really, it’s ain’t that hard and this isn’t a problem most people have.

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