C3 Updates & Dan’s New Weed Business

We’ve covered Dan Dubois and his anti-Muslim hate group Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) here quite extensively already, but it’s been a while since we did a proper check-in with them. If you’re totally new here, this post is a good one to read for some basic background on the group.

While C3 have been very quiet locally since the winter; both their National President Dan Dubois and Ontario President Dan Unrau still live here, as well as a handful of other members. They continue to travel to other cities and attend far-right demonstrations, most recently the sparsely attended Canadians For Canada 2 rally in Ottawa that Dan Dubois himself put on.

That rally was, thankfully, a huge failure.

Niagara based white nationalist Duke Willis addresses the small crowd of about 30-40.

The most notable thing from this rally was the re-appearance from Kevin Goudreau, who also attended last year and recorded a video with Dan where he addressed the “controversy” over his appearance. Kevin is currently facing some legal reprocussions, after he went on Facebook and called for lone wolf terror attacks against anti-racists.

None of that seems have phased Dan Dubois and C3, as Kevin appears to have been quite welcome at their rally just a few months later:

Also present at the rally was Mississauga based Islamophobe Kevin Johnston, fresh off being sued for 2.5 million dollars by a Muslim restaurant owner that he defamed. Remarkably, it appears Johnston skipped another court date so he could attend the C3 rally.

Dan Dubois also hosted a anti-Semite named Dallas Hills (“Jesse James”) at his home in Chelmsford prior to the rally and Hills was also one of the speakers.

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We’ve been following Dan Dubois and his filth for a couple years now and his is the largest and nearly the oldest file we have going. We’re going briefly run through a few of his greatest hits, which include: standard white supremacist rhetoric, saying Muslims are pedophiles, claiming that the Subway in Capreol are racist against white people and the occasional foray into sovereign citizen lunacy.

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We now turn to the latest development in the saga of Dan Dubois: a new hydroponics shop opening in Chelmsford on September 1st.

As you can see, it used to be the Pizza Hut. It’s on the corner of Highway 144 and Laura Dr. near Canadian Tire.

The shop is called C4 Hydroponics Ltd. which we can’t help but notice sounds a little bit like C3. We do not know who all the other owners are and what their exact relationship to Dan is, but one would think they would have at least googled the man they are going into business with. A simple search for “Dan Dubois Sudbury” will get anyone to a number of different sources talking about Dan’s bigotry, including yours truly, as well as footage of him making a complete ass out of himself on television last year. (The second part of that video is here.)

They already have a Facebook page where you can get ahold of them. Their phone # is also there, which belongs to a gentleman named Cody, who is one of the two other owners. When we called him, Cody claimed to have no knowledge of either C3 or Dan’s affiliations with white supremacists.

We’ll update this post with more information on the store if we find any.

2 thoughts on “C3 Updates & Dan’s New Weed Business

  1. Trying to destroy a man’s business with slander and lies, you guys are jokes! This is how the man feeds his family


    1. The man destroyed himself! These people told you about it and now you’re mad? Haha. Good job on the writer for bringing all of this together. A quick request to the business registry will determine ownership. Keep it up!!!


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