Dax Law, Red Pill Douche Esq.

We first ran into this guy nearly two years ago at the Townehouse, where he worked until recently. After having a lovely interaction where he expressed support for the Soldiers of Odin and insinuated that we were terrorists for opposing them, we determined in about thirty seconds that he was probably a fash.

Then we didn’t go back to the Townehouse, because lord knows we weren’t going to subsidize this fascist douche by frequenting the place where he worked.

In short, we’ve had “fascist bartender at Townehouse” in our notes for a long time, but we didn’t know his name, got busy with other things and didn’t run into Dax again until recently.

It seems Mr. Law makes a regular habit of posting awful things online and it caught up to him earlier this year when he was outed as the author of a horrible, misogynistic blog. He was fired from his job, decided he would become an out and proud Red Pill Bro, created a Patreon, then promptly renegged on all of that and deleted most of his social media presence and his website.

Here’s a few of his now deleted posts that someone was kind enough to share with us:

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As these screenshots attest: Dax hates anyone who isn’t white, anyone who isn’t hetero and any woman who doesn’t exist solely to fulfill Dax’s fantasies. He was described to us as a “fascist barely hiding his power level” and from what we’ve seen that is an apt description.

According to his website, Dax is studying psychology and aims to help young men deal with trauma and optimize their life; which sounds to us like he just wants to take young men who are in a vulnerable state and radicalize them into being fascists like himself. Essentially, it sounds like he’s shooting for being a predatory “self-help” guru; like a low rent version of Stephen Molyneaux or Jordan Peterson. We’ve also been informed that he tries to influence (“red pill”) people he comes into contact with, such as co-workers. He hates “postmodernism”, which in his universe is any ideas not made up by white men.

We were told Dax had deleted his Twitter, but when we tried to search for his old mentions we found him instantly. It looks like Mr. Dax merely deleted his tweets, then renamed his account, so as to deter scrutiny while still keeping his old followers. His two Facebook accounts are both locked down and there was little insight to be gained from them.

We did notice he’s friends with the last guy we wrote about, though. Imagine our shock that these two extremely similar nazi hipsters know each other.

He does remain active on Twitter, where he’s toned down the white supremacy a bit, but the rest of his bigoted shitposting remains:

It doesn’t take much to find recent white supremacy and fascism though. For starters, he follows Richard Spencer and regularly likes his posts:

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He also likes a lot of generally fash and third position stuff:

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Posts about “boogaloo”, which in his parlance means race war:

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And horrible stuff from his e-pals, like this complete asshole:

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Dax likes to hang on Tinder and go on dates with women he meets there and while we suspect that much of what he says online about his romantic life is artistic works of fiction; this is a concern because we doubt this woman hater is up front about himself and his views while he’s using that platform.

He also hangs around the local DIY arts scene and we’ve been told he’s surrounded by a clique of enablers and sympathizers, which frankly does not surprise us at all, because we know that scene is a major problem area. With that said, we’re very glad to hear he was fired. In addition to being the right thing to do, it sets an important precedent that is necessary to running jerks like this out of our cultural spaces.

Of course, Dax says he’s cool with everyone and will probably say that we’re the ignorant ones and the real fascists for being intolerant of his raging misogyny and racism and taking screenshots of them.

Or something. Who cares what this douchebag thinks.

We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest these “progressive friends” either do not exist, are unaware of Dax’s views, or are actually not progressive at all, because if they were, they wouldn’t knowingly be hanging out with this guy.

If you know anything else interesting about Dax, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking for the usual information: what neighborhood he lives in, where he hangs out, if he’s still in school, if he has a new job, any simarly minded friends he has, etc.

Here’s a picture of him, to help you recognize this creep if you see him in public.

Make sure to dump a drink on him if he tries to hit on you or one of your friends.

UPDATE 08/10/2018: Dax remains friends with other staff at the Townehouse and has been spotted with them around town. He also still hangs out there often. It would appear that white supremacy and virulent misogyny still have a very comfortable home at Sudbury’s premiere rock and roll music venue.

As far as what courses of action to take, we suggest the following:

  • Not patronizing the Townehouse.
  • Not playing at the Townehouse.
  • Contacting out-of-town acts that have booked shows at the Townehouse and encouraging them to try and move their shows to other venues.

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