First off, we want to be clear that we deserve absolutely no credit for the amazing community response that happened. We received a tip from someone that the Yellow Vests were planning to rally, frantically tweeted out the info, then went to bed because both of us had to work in the morning. That was all we did. We were very pleasantly surprised the next morning when we heard that a counterdemo had been organized overnight.

We are writing this reportback for the benefit of people who weren’t there and to update those who were there on what happened with the Yellow Vests.

As everyone suspected, the 8am start time was a complete lie. Shortly after 10am, a group of roughly twenty people began to assemble at Tom Davies Square with instruments and noisemakers to greet the Yellow Vests if they attempted to hold a rally.

The Yellow Vests, in typical fashion, were complete no-shows. By noon, most people begun to peter off for lunch and to attend an anti-racism workshop happening at the Sudbury Public Library, while a group of about eight people stayed behind to call everyone back if the Yellow Vests showed up.

They did not.

All things considered: It was a great event with music, snacks and many friendly people.

There had been some talk the previous night that led people to believe the Yellow Vests might be in Verner at the Plow Match, but we are pretty certain they did not go there. In fact, it looks like they were shitposting on Facebook instead of holding a rally.

The Yellow Vests did indeed eventually come out, but not until evening. They started on Lasalle near the Wal-Mart, then moved to the Bridge of Nations downtown. Given the sunlight in the two videos, we think it is unlikely that they actually walked all the way from Lasalle to Downtown.

There were four people there, but one is a minor and we are not going to show them. The other three individuals were: Jeff Doyle, John Robert Demellweek and Chris Demkiw. None of the out-of-town Yellow Vests were there.

Their signs were… Well, you can see for yourself below…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We expect that these pop-up type events are going to become the norm for them. The Yellow Vests are cowards and lack sufficient numbers to face their opposition. They can try to put on a good show for their fellow hatriots in other cities, but we know these guys are totally full of it and are paper tigers. Had these clowns shown up to their own party, they would have been outnumbered by about 5:1.

We extend our deepest and sincerest thanks to all the organizers and everyone who came out to tell these jerks to get lost.

You all kick ass! 🖤♥️🖤♥️

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