(This is a follow up to our last post about the PPC, we suggest you read that first if you haven’t yet.)

Before we can continue with our coverage of the PPC, we need to do a proper check-in with the Yellow Vests.

Sadly, these folks have nothing better to do and despite their entire “movement” being garbage and a total failure, they continue to try and organize, mostly because another social media bandwagon hasn’t come along for them to hop on. We’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know them. These people are not innovators and their complete lack of creativity and any original ideas means they are doomed to simply follow whatever trends are going on.

A large portion of these highly impressionable individuals have followed similar trajectories from Occupy Wall Street, to Anonymous and finally the Alt-Right. Despite all the blabbering they do about being “freethinkers” and such; they crave rigid structure, homogeneity and conformity. They are at their best/worst when the structure and composition of their movements is essentially dictated to them by the quote unquote “alternative” media they consume.

So what are they up to now? Let’s dig in…

The biggest development – one that we already covered a bit on our last post, but are going to expand on a bit more here – is that the Yellow Vests are actively being courted by the People’s Party of Canada and volunteering for the campaign of local PPC candidate Sean Paterson.

In fact, the PPC and the Yellow Vests, at least in Sudbury, are practically the same damn thing at this point:

Our regular readers will recognize all of these characters, but we are going run through who they all are in case you’re new here:

JR Demellweek is a local Yellow Vest organizer and right-wing crank. In the thread he lets slip that he was also pursuing a VP position in the PPC last year. JR also associates with C3 and can be seen below standing to the right of Hamilton Yellow Vest leader Justin Long at C3’s Canadian’s For Canada rally.

JR was also recently spotted offering a bounty for the home address of a Toronto area anti-fascist activist:

Jason Lafauci is the President of the Sudbury PPC. He has close ties to the Soldiers of Odin and on any given day he can be found found spouting his THC-infused hate, anger and disinformation in local online spaces.

He’s also one of the admins of Sudbury 420. Despite the stereotypes that exist about Cannabis users; the Cannabis community here in Sudbury is very right-wing.

Danny Piazza is an administrator of the group Yellow Vests Canada on Facebook. The man is a complete idiot and is very proud of himself for helping to moderate a group founded by a nazi that is full of death threats. He is supported in this pastime by his wife Monica and he’s been a supporter of the PPC for quite some time.

Jeff Doyle (“JD Doyle”), who also goes by Khanadian Media, is not in the thread above, but will be in this piece later, is another local idiot that is an administrator of the Yellow Vests Canada group. Occasionally, he also likes to get drunk and make ridiculous videos about “Antifa”. He’s also been hopping on the Q Anon train lately.

“WW1WGA” stands for Where We Go One We Go All, a slogan associated with the Q Anon movement.

PPC candidate Sean Paterson, for his part, has responded to our criticisms and requests for comment by blocking us on Twitter.

We guess this is a kind of comment.

We also received a visit from the *cough* infamous hacker group Anonymous.

This is one of PPC President Jason Lafauci’s many aliases.

Meanwhile, the street team are running around throwing everything possible at the wall hoping something sticks:

If you haven’t noticed, these Yellow Vests are totally the type of people that join cults.

Corey Wicklander from the Soldiers of Odin showed up to talk some sense into that fool:

And of course, they think anyone to the left of Tucker Carlson are “Antifa”:

Our prediction for the near future is that the Yellow Vests will continue to act as Sean’s semi-deniable attack dogs while he says something like, “I’m running a positive campaign focused on the issues, without mudslinging and name-calling”. But that’s if he’s smart and not completely, openly racist, which he often is.

The media have not been very much help in any of this and are quickly proving to be structurally incapable of responding to fascism in any way but rolling out the red carpet. There have been times when we’ve been pleasantly surprised by local media, but really, if we thought mainstream media had the capacity to reliably cover this subject, we probably wouldn’t be here writing this blog.

This load of shit, which is all completely false, was reproduced by CBC Sudbury. How nice of them to let this guy from a fringe political party with no seats go on about how immigrants are invading the country, with no correction to any of his false claims, or any reply from, say, an immigrant. This is the kind of harmful journalism you get when you treat the far-right like a local human interest story.

For foreseeable future, it looks like we are going to be pretty busy.

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