Devon Del Vecchio (ShortFatOtaku)

ShortFatOtaku (SFO) is a video series created by a man from Espanola named Devon Del Vecchio. He’s been doing gaming videos for a long time, but those don’t seem to be very popular and like many aspiring grifters, he made the move to politics during GamerGate.

For those unfamiliar: GamerGate was a movement that supposedly existed to expose corruption in gaming journalism; that mostly just “exposed” things like female game developers who they thought slept with too many guys. The movement was well-known for being full of white supremacists who viewed it as a fertile recruiting ground and can be best summed up as an attempt by right-wing movements to market misogyny, white supremacy and McCarthyism to kids, under the thin pretext of being something about gaming.

In the end, it was mostly successful at organizing grown white men around beliefs they already had.

Pictured: Something about ethics in journalism.

The “cameralady” person is interesting. SFO claims this person used to film and edit his videos. Both SFO and “cameralady” show up in old blogs from the GG era and were allegedly involved with doxing and sexual harassment of GG’s critics.

When you poke around old posts for “cameralady” you pretty quickly find a lot of speculation that she is simply a fabrication of Del Vecchio.

We’ll leave it to our readers to decide what to make of “cameralady” for themselves, but we were unable to find any video footage or audio of her when we looked.

We’re just going to move on from “cameralady” now.

Here are some of Devon’s more recent videos. As you’ll see just from the titles, they are terrible.

This is one of his latest videos “Positive Nationalism”.


  • “It seems like the modern Scandinavian is a cuck, he’s definitely not capable of the raping and pillaging that Vikings used to.”
  • “Does diversity mean London-style acid attacks and machetes being swung around downtown?”
  • “Islamic immigration is not the same as Italian, Finn or Ukrainian. Canada is bringing in people from places that don’t like the West.”
  • “How many terrorist cells are coming in? Or hell, forget about the terrorist cells, how many people do you think are coming here to eventually agitate for Sharia Law.”

If this sounds like typical anti-Muslim and white supremacist rhetoric, that’s because it is.

SFO says explicitly that he is a liberal. Who cares. It’s completely possible for him to have centrist or leftist views and still be xenophobic and Islamophobic.

He also claims to be friends with prominent GamerGate personality Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad).

Devon really needs to find a better hobby and the people close to him need to stop enabling his hateful nonsense.