Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT is the sister group to Jody Mitoma’s Shoutout Sudbury website. The group is a social hub for local reactionaries who use it to obediently lash out at whatever group their media ecosystem tell them them to lash out at.

We already saw Chris Chaperon of SOO above, but the platform is also popular with the Yellow Vests too.

Lately, with protests and blocades popping up across the country, the group have been fixated on indigenous land defenders.

Mark Nyman and Dennis LeDrew are also two regulars of the group. Mark Nyman is a man who lives in Val Therese who claims to be a member of the Proud Boys. Disturbingly, Dennis LeDrew – who in the past we’ve nicknamed “white genocide guy” – appears to be employed as a corrections officer.

There’s all the usual fantasies of vehicular homicide that are so common amongst those on the political right.

Jody Mitoma was recently confronted about the posts on the forum advocating violence against indigenous protestors and he had this to say.

We’re pretty sure this would not be his response if someone were to advocate, for example, running over police officers.

But you know, some lives matter more than others…