Back in June, we had the mispleasure of finding Paul Tereshyn, a sales associate for Royal LePage Realty here in Sudbury, making an extremely anti-Semitic comment in Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT.

A little while after pointing this out to his employer, we received this response.

Paul’s employer has since said his comment was taken out of context. Here is the full context.

Paul had a different take and like many of the individuals on this blog he wanted to meet up for a “chat”.

Around the same time, Paul sent the following threat to an individual associated with Fierte Sudbury Pride, an action that suggests he was in conference with local far-right groups have previously misidentified as the owners of this blog.

Soldiers of Odin (SOO) VP Jason Lafaci (Sudbury Exposed) and Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) president Dan Dubois both used the occasion to show solidarity with Paul.

As time went on, it became increasingly clear that what Royal LePage meant by “dealing with it internally” was that they were doing absolutely nothing.

But surely Paul learned his lesson after facing no consequences, right?


One of our Twitter followers aptly pointed out the problem with someone like Paul working in real estate.

As per his bio, Paul has worked in real estate in Sudbury for about ten years. No one who wants to buy a house should have to deal with this racist guy who makes threats and worry if they’re going to be discriminated against them.

There’s also the larger issue in that neither Paul’s branch on Auger Ave. nor it’s parent company are doing anything about this guy.

If you’d like to complain about Paul to Royal LePage, we suggest making the most of your time and doing so directly to his boss.

2 thoughts on “Paul Tereshyn (Royal LePage)

  1. I left the group as the owner Jody and Jason are pals and I have some tasty screen shots of some group convo’s they had. That group needs to go. Bye bye mental health cesspool.


  2. I highly recommend reporting Shoutout Sudbury to Google as violating AdSense guidelines. I already have. The racist shit posted all over that cesspool proudly unmoderated clearly violates the guidelines. Fuck that site and the owner profiting off this vile shit.


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