Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT and it’s users have had a stigma attached for quite some time and it seems to be making Jody Mitoma and the regulars a tad self-conscious in this crazy new age of cancel culture, statues, call outs and Black lives mattering all of a sudden.

Perhaps there’s a growing awareness that embarassing, racist fools are not actually that popular.

Naturally, administrator Jody Mitoma has chosen to address the forum’s growing bad reputation by appointing the worst possible moderators to protect the hate groups, bigots and complete idiots there from being told off and made fun of, while at the same time pretending to care about racism.

He’s also made some rules:

It seems Jody and Jason go back a ways, according to one moderator who has already quit.

When we look at the forum, it of course looks exactly the same as it did before because the real objective of this new “moderation” is to protect the shittiest white people there from ever facing the slightest consequences as a result their bigotry and ignorance.

This mix of fake “positivity”, selectively enforced “civility” and quirky localism that’s really nativism, will no doubt look familiar to our readers in Sudbury, since this is already how many platforms here are run.


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