Freedom Convoy 2022

Well here we are again in 2022. A different convoy but similar in nature to to the United We Roll convoy of 2019.

This one however was locally organized by Jason LaFace, former Soldier of Odin, as opposed to Dan Dubois of C3 notoriety.

The messaging of this convoy is more muddled but it is largely an anti-vaccination and anti-mandate one, arising over the requirement that truckers be vaccinated in order to cross the US-Canada border, like the rest of the population.

We, however, wanted to focus on a certain aspect of the convoy. To our dismay, news coverage of supporters there to greet the convoy included a group of reportedly Indigenous women performing a drum circle in support.

Firstly, Jason LaFace claims to be Indigenous but with many people refuting the claim. It is not uncommon for sovereign citizen types to do this.

Secondly, it is hard to imagine any Indigenous people supporting the group given that (1) The previous incarnation of this convoy was largely pro-pipeline and in direct contrast to many Native organizers (2) These people regularly compare getting a vaccine to the genocide of Native people (3) Covid would be absolutely deadly to most reserves without any measures of protection

We’d like to expand on the last point that Covid would be absolutely deadly to reserves. Many reserves in Canada are still battling tuberculosis infections for one. Poor sanitation (due to no access of clean, running water), overcrowded housing, and little availability of healthcare are a powder keg for infection. It’s hard to imagine a more anti-Native position.

Let us remember that with the last viral infection (H1N1), Health Canada sent us body bags. It’s important to do what we can to make sure people don’t get sick, regardless of your perceived “freedoms.”

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