Liam Is Still A Humongous Asshole

We really don’t like this guy.

Liam (pictured below) is the ID Canada/Generation Identity leader here in Sudbury. You may already know him from his postering around town, or from when he was outed before by anti-fascists.

It’s worth reading both of those links if you are unfamiliar with him.

We don’t have a more recent pic of him, but we spotted him in the real world recently and we can confirm that he’s in his early to mid twenties and that he still looks pretty much the same. We also know from his posts online that he’s still in school and he studies chemistry.

It would be especially cool if you passed this post on to anyone you know who studies or teaches chemistry here in Sudbury.

While we haven’t seen any further posters from ID Canada or Nordfront around town since he was outed for putting them up; Liam is still very active online and is still very much a Nazi. He says he doesn’t care about people knowing his first name and what he looks like, but that doesn’t stop him from complaining regularly about being targeted by the left, so we’re not sure which one it really is.

His posts do provide us with some insight into his offline activities, hanging with “natsocs and fascists”.

(This is unfortunately what the hideous website he hangs out on actually looks like.)

He also provides us with some of his takes on current events, “free speech” and so on:

We’ll spare your eyes and not post screenshots of all of them, but his repugnant views on women, LGBT, basically anyone with darker skin than him and Jews have not changed. If you really want to see proof of all that, you can find this disgusting cretin on FunnyJunk, where he posts most days.

If you recognize this asshole or know anything more about him please don’t hesitate to talk to us.