Dan Dubois (C3 National President)

This is a long overdue post. Dan Dubois is the national leader of Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) and is probably the most prominent and prolific far-right figure living in Sudbury. We’re going to start with a bit of background on Dan first, then move on to what he’s been up to recently.

While this post deals with Dan Dubois specifically, we do have a previous post about the Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) in Sudbury. In addition, we also have a list of local C3 members. There is a lot that has been written about Dan Dubois and C3 online. Besides the two things of ours that we linked to above, we recommend checking out what Canadian Anti-Hate Network have written about C3. The fine people at ARC Canada have also been covering C3 for years and their work on them is unparalleled.

Basic details

Dan is the National President of Canadian Combat Coalition (C3), an anti-Muslim hate group based here in Sudbury. He is fifty-nine years old and resides in Chelmsford. He doesn’t seem to work much and may be semi-retired or have a second income source, but we know that he works as a bonded courier for banks on Manitoulin Island.


Dan has been quite explicit and forthright with his hatred of Muslims over the years and he frequently accuses them of being terrorists and pedophiles. Dan does not hide his Islamophobia at all and he has literally hundreds of posts along these lines on Facebook. They are the bread and butter of his online prescence. As much as we’d like to avoid reproducing this abhorrent content here, there is really no other way to show this.

He also likes to make completely baseless and racist claims about Muslim public officials:


Like many others on the far-right, Dan recognizes that antisemitism is far more taboo in Canadian society than his Islamophobia. Instead of naming Jews as a group, he likes to promote conspiracy theories where the culprits just happen to almost always be Jews.

Of course the New Zealand mosque shooting is fake

Conspiracy theories

You’ve probably already noticed that Dan is into conspiracy theories; these are very much a common theme in everything he says. While Dan has never to our knowledge used the terms White Genocide or Great Replacement himself; in addition to being Islamophobic and antisemitic, some of the theories he promotes are similar to the White Genocide trope used by white supremacists and The Great Replacement theory put forward most recently in the manifesto of the New Zealand mosque shooter.

The term “Cultural Marxism” used below is another far-right conspiracy theory; one that has been referenced by both the New Zealand shooter and Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik. We recommend this article that explains the history and contemporary context of that term.

Recent activity

As we write this, Dan is in Alberta with several other local C3 members to attend a demonstration put on by another anti-Muslim hate group World Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and to “christen” the new Edmonton chapter of C3. It looks like their comrades in WCAI couldn’t even bother to show up to their own event, though. One of the newest members being welcomed into C3 is a gentleman by the name of Tyson Hunt, who was recently investigated by the police for entering a Edmonton mosque.

Security camera footage of Tyson Hunt

Despite his physical appearance and his folksy mannerisms that make him look like your harmless racist uncle; Dan is very networked with the far-right in Canada and is heavily involved with promoting hate not just in Sudbury, but nationwide. He is also far more stable as a person and ideologically coherent than most of his peers, which makes him a bridge between a lot of individuals who would otherwise, because of their volatility, likely fracture if Dan weren’t around. We won’t retread into it here, but we discuss C3’s ideology and it’s appeal, mostly to well to do white men with a false sense of being wronged, in a previous post.

Besides expanding further into Alberta; C3 are also doing a fundraiser to raise money to make more make of bunch of dumb conspiracy videos, because there aren’t enough of those on the internet already.

Dan is also planning a follow up to his sparsely attended Canadians For Canada rally. We don’t know too many details yet, but we do know that one of the speakers is a blatant antisemite named Jesse James, which is pretty extreme even for Dan. Jesse is part of the De Jour Canada movement who argue that Canada’s government and laws are illegitimate based on archaic documents and bizarre legal misinterpretations. They are closely related to the Freemen On The Land and Sovereign Citizen movements.

Last year’s rally was attended by none other than this man, Kevin Goudreau; which should give you an idea of what type of people go to Dan’s events and what kind of people to expect this year.

Kevin Goudreau and his infamous tattoo

So yeah, it looks like Dan’s upcoming Canadians For Canada 2 rally will be a rip roaring, patriotic day of family friendly fun.

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