C3’s Dan Dubois Makes Up Lies About Sudbury Public Housing

Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) leader Dan Dubois has a new video out.

Not to be outdone by the Soldiers of Odin’s lies linking public housing evictions to immigrants; Dan is claiming to have a “friend” who works for Sudbury Public Housing that recently almost lost their job because they gave a home to a Canadian(read: white) family. Dan goes on to say that the entire waiting list for public housing is now gone and has been replaced with a list of immigrants, that immigrants are being paid to move here(for what reason is not clear) and that Canadians(read: white people) are becoming second class citizens.

Dan then cites First Nations peoples as an example of why “mass immigration” is bad, making a disgusting and deliberate conflation between immigration and settler colonialism. He also claims that there are no legitimate refugees coming to Canada.

Sure thing, Dan… We believe you…

Dan is taking a page from the Soldiers of Odin and targetting the most vulnerable members of society with his hate propaganda. There are many reasons why people want to believe lies like this one and it is the desire for simple explanations for complex problems that Dan is exploiting here. Like his peers in the Soldiers of Odin, Dan is a liar, a racist and an asshole.

We’d like to remind everyone that he is now part owner of C4 Hydroponics and they are very easy to reach if you’d like to have a talk with them about Dan’s hate mongering.

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