You may have already heard of Denis Prevost recently when his newest business Five City were given a lavish puff piece in The Sudbury Star. As it happens, we also recently heard of Denis Prevost for much different reasons. Over the course of our research into the cannabis community in Sudbury, Denis and Five City came up repeatedly, but since none of Denis’s businesses are related to cannabis, he did not make it into that piece.

He is, however, getting his own post now after a series of ridiculous overreactions and bogus police/legal threats.

Denis Prevost is a local tattoo artist who owns Live Once Tattoo and the newly opened Five City.

Here’s Live Once Tattoo’s logo:

And a few samples of Denis’s work:

When we first mentioned Denis on our Twitter, he responded by issuing a bounty for us in the form of a $100 gift card, which is an incredibly petty thing to do in response to what was essentially a bad review posted to social media.

We have good reasons for remaining anonymous and really don’t appreciate this guy’s intent to unmask us to all the people who regularly send us violent threats. To people who are members of hate groups.

It’s also pretty sketchy of him when he likes posts about kicking in our faces.

Regarding the above screenshot, we suppose the practice of boycotting can only be practiced by “right leaning” individuals. This guy is threatening to sue us over something he had suggested himself.

Moreover, we’re pretty damn sure you don’t get to accuse people of slander and libel, then turn around and baselessly accuse them molesting children in the same post.

Given all this buffoonery, we decided to do more research. As of just a couple weeks ago, Denis was in a dispute over the name Five Cent City, which was a local event dedicated to fighting opiod addiction/overdose in Sudbury. That’s right folks, he threatened legal action against a charity event. You can see that interaction below. (We’re also fairly certain that you don’t send a legitimate cease and desist notice via all caps in Facebook Messenger.)

We took a further look into Denis’s posts and a few things were very clear:

He does not like immigrants and refugees.

He does not like women.

He does not like transgender people.

We don’t usually care much if people own guns; but it’s a bit different when they talk about shooting people.

Denis works with Sudbury420 and has sponsored their giveaways. Accordingly, Sudbury420 have been promoting Five City a lot recently.

With regards to Denis tattooing people and the issues surrounding that, a person much more experienced with tattooing than us had this to say:

People who share this kind of angry content toward minorities should not be marking people because this weird bond forms with your artist and you’re loyal to them.

It is not libel or slander to post someone’s own words accompanied by fair comment on those words. Nor is it libel or slander to suggest avoiding a business owned by someone who makes bigoted remarks about minorities.

Denis claims that an artist quit Five City because of our “slander, spite and ignorance”. If true, we’d like to commend that person for their decision.

Denis also says he will be meeting with the police about us.

We will see what, if anything, comes of that. In the meantime, we’re just going to keep on doing our thing.

UPDATE 28/11/19:

Denis is still trying to hunt down our identities and is now talking with the Soldiers of Odin (SOO).

Boy, we were so wrong about him.