The far-right here in Sudbury really love weed. They especially love selling it. When they can’t sell it, they settle for selling pipes, vapes, bongs and literally any accessories you can imagine. We can’t actually think of a single instance where we’ve seen any of the far-right here in Sudbury say anything negative about the fluffy green stuff and the business of selling it.

As a matter of fact, the weed business has come up so often in our research that we thought it was time to dedicate an entire post to it. Unfortunately, it’s a major organizing space for the local far-right, in addition to being how some earn a living.

These are a few places that we think ethical consumers of the chronic ought to avoid:

Jason and Mandii Lafauci (After Dark Cafe / Sudbury 420)

First of all: Despite what the name suggests, these two do not own a cafe. After Dark Cafe is literally just their house, where they bake pot edibles that are later sold at First Nations Medicinal on Wahnapitae First Nation.

The two made headlines back in 2018 when they lied to journalists saying that their fake cafe had been licensed to sell edibles. More recently, they’ve been on crusade against the Health Unit and SACY, earning themselves a no trespassing order from both places. They claim to be against harm reduction and blame needle exchanges for enabling the opioid epidemic, which in our opinion is a way of dodging who the suppliers of the drugs are and the fact that they support them.

They present the opioid epidemic as a plot to kill off Canadians and replace them with immigrants. They also have close ties to the Soldiers of Odin (SOO) and have worked with them on needle cleanups in the past.

Jason is the main hype man for Sudbury 420, who are closely affiliated with Mr. Greens Novelties and First Nations Medicinal. His nonsense conspiracy theories about the Health Unit and SACY also show up there.

Jason’s been a regular fixture here on the blog for awhile now, so we’ll not get too into his background here, but if you’re interested in learning more, he appears in eight of our other posts.

Mr Green’s Novelties

Run by Shawn and Daphne Donaldson, Mr. Green’s Novelties is a head shop with two locations: one on Lasalle Blvd and another in Valley East. We’ve never noticed anything too conspicuous from these two, but they are both close partners with Jason Lafauci and they sponsor many of the giveaways that Jason does with Sudbury 420. It seems reasonable to assume they are aware of his politics.

Here are Shawn and Daphne partying it up with Jason and Mandii Lafauci at the opening of Five City in the Valley. Five City owner Denis Prevost also seems like a real shithead, but because his businesses aren’t directly related to cannabis, we did a little Twitter thread on him instead of including him here.

Daphne Donaldson is one of the admins on the Sudbury420 page.

First Nations Medicinal

First Nations Medicinal is owned by Chadwick McGregor, who seems like quite a character to say the least:

FNM work closely with Sudbury 420 and Mr. Greens Novelties. We only started paying close attention to them recently when we saw McGregor like one of Jason’s anti-immigrant Facebook posts.

Another recent development has been a needle cleanup organized by FNM that Jason and his wife Mandii participated in.

Being curious cats, we checked out the other volunteers and this one was sharing content from the main Yellow Vests Canada group.

Not a good sign and we can’t help noticing that the needle-clean-ups-as-public-relations-strategy is borrowed from the Soldiers of Odin. They’ve already been talking about working with the SOO on future cleanups.

(UPDATE 08/06/20: Chadwick McGregor has also, to his credit, stopped doing business with Sudbury 420. His statement on that can be found here.)

The Shoe Box / Capreol Medicinal Cannabis Centre

The Shoe Box is owned by Bobbi Wicklander, who some of our readers will notice shares a surname with Cory Wicklander, a member of the Soldiers of Odin. It used to be called Capreol Medicinal Cannabis Centre but shut down when it was raided and just under two kilos of jazz cabbage were seized. It has been rebranded The Shoe Box and is still at the same location.

Bobbi shows up in old group pictures of the SOO.

And some of the online chatter from around the time that the SOO were working in the soup kitchen.

We’re not sure of her exact status with the group at the moment, but it is more than fair to say that she has history with them.

C4 Hydroponics

Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) leader Dan Dubois goes way back with the sticky icky. Dan used to have another store called Dubois Collectables where he caught some heat from the police for selling pipes and bongs.

Dan’s newest venture is C4 Hydroponics, which he is co-owner of:

We’ve written quite a bit about C4 Hydroponics recently, so instead of retreading on recent and familiar ground, here are some links:

Creator’s Choice

(UPDATE 20/11/19)

We received some criticism when we put this piece out for not including Creator’s Choice. After receiving some information and doing a bit of poking around ourselves, it looks like the criticism was completely right and we’re glad it was brought to our attention.

Creator’s Choice is another dispensary on Wahnapitae First Nation and is owned by Derek Roque. Like FNM, Creator’s Choice has been subject to police raids.

We were alerted to a second Facebook account Derek Roque has with questionable wedding photos.

A very questionable pre-occupation with Hitler.

And support for the HA.
Creator’s Choice are much closer to  Sudbury420 than we previously thought and they have sponsored their giveaways recently.

Below we see another familiar face, Emma Hennessy, who we already saw in SOO gear earlier in this post.So, it looks like Creator’s Choice is more of the same nonsense, with a lot of the same crowd involved.

Isn’t that great?