Our last few pieces have evoked quite a response from some of the locals here. Most notably, we’ve found ourselves on the receiving end of a campaign by local business owners and hate groups who aim to dox and “expose” us.

We have a good idea who some of the individuals they plan to “expose” are, because someone tried to blackmail us with a list of names. Most are people the local far-right have already erroneously named as being involved with this blog and they are simply people who either shared our posts at some point or criticized these people and groups online. One is a downtown bar owner that has been included for no reason that we can discern.

Errr… There’s only two people who run this.

It’s hard to know exactly what they intend to accomplish but at this point they’ve falsely identified nine people in total as being involved with us.

It seems the rest of the local far-right are taking a page from Dan Dubois and just harassing anyone they find supporting anti-racism and anti-fascism. It’s always hard to tell how self-aware they are, but likely the aim of this campaign is to discourage public criticism of them by being unhinged, petty, disgusting and potentially violent.

At the same time as they drawing up their enemies list, the local far-right are planning more public relations exercises. We’re extremely sick of talking about Jason, but because he’s the biggest loudmouth and most shameless self-promoter, he ends up being in the center of things more often than not.

Yes, that’s a Soldiers of Odin hat he’s wearing. Here’s a clearer picture of it from another video.

In fact, Jason was already out with the Soldiers of Odin handing out winter clothing downtown recently.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of all this, but the far-right making lists of people and planning more mobilizations is a definite cause for concern.