White Supremacist C4 Hydroponics Co-Owner Dan Dubois Threatens To Sue People Who Say He’s A White Supremacist

Dan has another video out. We already live tweeted it when he was broadcasting, so we’re just going to reproduce the entire thread here. In short, Dan is very upset that someone has been making Facebook posts about how his store is co-owned by a white supremacist and is threatening to sue that individual.

If you’re arriving to this site for the first time, here’s some links to all that we’ve written about Dan:

For the record, we have never been contacted or threatened in any way by Dan Dubois, who is the white supremacist that co-owns C4 Hydroponics in Chelmsford.

Without further ado, here’s that Twitter thread…

P.S. Dan Dubois is a white supremacist who co-owns C4 Hydroponics in Chelmsford.