After roughly a month of far-right threats and doxing directed toward the LGBT community here in Sudbury; Fierte Sudbury Pride released a statement on the matter on January 6th.

Needless to say, our local heroes in the Yellow Vests were not pleased with this and felt the need to sea lion the post to express their outrage. Besides just being obnoxious, it is our opinion that this was an attempt to further intimidate the LGBT community and shut down an important conversation about hate groups that are organizing in Sudbury.

The basic subtext of their presence was: “We’re watching you. Watch what you say or we will come after you too.

As if that were not already obvious enough, Jason Lafauci posted the dox of a person associated with Pride in that thread several times.

There were a number of ridiculous accusations made, like them saying Pride support terrorism.

The Yellow Vests and Jason Lafauci were joined by a new ally named Sheila Bianconi. Sheila is relatively new to us, but we do know that she is a close friend of Giovanni Damiano Presenza, that she recently joined the Yellow Vests and that she was one of the individuals present at a recent action by the Yellow Vests and SOO.

We don’t know much about the situation, but it seems safe to say that she has a history with Pride and bears ill will towards the current organizers. We’re not sure how anyone can claim to support the LGBT community while being friends with a virulent transphobe like Gio, but here we are…

JR Demellweek was especially indignant, which was pretty rich coming from a guy who posts homophobic things regularly and runs a Facebook group with Derek Storie, who was literally at the attack on Hamilton Pride.

Later that day the Yellow Vests released their own statement, which was blatant plagiarism of the original statement from Fierte Sudbury Pride, with their own grudges and lunatic conspiracy theories about Antifa infiltrating the LGBT community inserted into it.

We unequivocally stand with Fierte Sudbury Pride against these hateful, bigoted jerks that have been targeting, harassing and threatening them. While we are just two people; one thing we do have is a lot of information and we hope that helps.