There’s not a whole lot to report. Gatherings of more than five people are illegal, so we don’t expect to see any big actions from the far-right soon.

We did run into one man dressed in a clown costume having a demonstration all by himself at the Four Corners, though.

And so it goes.

The far-right’s initial reactions to the COVID-19 crisis consisted largely of denial, conspiracism and casual racism.

Fast forward a few weeks and they’re still exactly the same.

Our old pal Liam is a bit unique in that he seems positively stoked about the virus that’s killing people.

SFO already lived in self-isolation for years, so very little has changed with him. He’s still ranting about GamerGate for some reason.

Over on Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT there’s been the same now familiar mix of denial, conspiricism and racism.

COVID-19 is definitely going to have a huge impact on the far-right but it’s still too early to tell what thats going to be and we’re going to avoid speculating so as to not give them any ideas.

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