The Soldiers of Odin have a new member.

You’ll never guess who it is

Oh god. Not this guy again.

This isn’t much of a development since, as we’ve pointed out previously, Jason has been more active with the group lately than a lot of the members. More interesting than Jason joining a group he was already basically in is the exchange below it where Jason reveals that the current president of the Sudbury chapter is David Charmichael.

Jason was out picking up needles recently and brought none other than JR Demellweek along.

Jason’s still on his usual bullshit, but it’s a bit more notable now that he’s officially representing the SOO.

Fellow SOO member Chris Chaperon, for his part, seems to be spending his quarantine time posting with the conspiracy theorists and Q Anon cultists that have made Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT their home.

It’s easy to forget when you see them posting every day that the SOO are supposed to be banned from Facebook but aren’t.

“’Individuals and organizations who spread hate, attack, or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are have no place [in] our services.’ the Facebook spokesperson said.”

With the weather getting warmer and many of these guys not having much to do – Jason especially – we expect there will be more needle cleanups like this.

What else are they going to do, volunteer at the Soup Kitchen again?

One thought on “Soldiers of Odin Gain a Member

  1. Hey this is Dakota. I dont want my name attached to this website whatsoever. Hell, I was a kid and since then I’m more socialist at this point in my life. So do me the solid of removing my name. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if need be if anything more needs to be said on my or your part.


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