Darcy isn’t a new guy for us. We’ve been keeping tabs on him for a few years now.

Darcy signaling that everything is OK.

When we first encountered Darcy he was with the III%ers and he was shooting his mouth off on Shoutout Sudbury.

Blah, blah, blah…

The III%ers never really took off in Sudbury. Darcy is the only person we’ve ever seen claim membership. Having said that, we do frequently see supporters of theirs around town sporting their gear and one of Dan Dubois’s exes used to admin one of their groups on Facebook.

So, while we don’t currently know of any members here, it is probably safe to assume there are other people who live here with ties to the group.

Mr. Mayer was also briefly a member of Canadian Combat Coalition (C3).

Darcy’s with Northern Guard now, but his unhealthy fixation with firearms and violence has not changed. For what it’s worth: We are pretty certain the AR-15 he holds in one of the pics below does not belong to him.

As far as where Darcy fits in with the rest of our local heroes, it looks safe to say that he’s at least familiar with them and their *ahem* work.

He’s grown a beard recently, so here’s a photo of what he currently looks like. He lives near the Four Corners.

Darcy with his Northern Guard patches, telling us that everything is still OK.

If our readers have any info about Darcy or Northern Guard, our inboxes are always open.

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