SFO simply makes too many videos for us to watch all of them. Due to the sheer volume, we’ve mostly been reduced to downloading the subtitles for them and searching for keywords. The videos we have actually watched mostly consist of SFO reading news headlines to his audience, because apparently they need someone to read to them.

We chose to cover his video “My Life As An SJW” because besides having some stuff that isn’t just him reading other people’s stuff, it provides what we think is a good window into the mind of this hateful nerd and many others like him.

As we said above, the whole damn thing is really SFO describing how he was radicalized and self-servingly portraying this as him becoming more moderate. He denies being being part of a “pipeline” that radicalizes people when even a cursory look at the video’s comments shows that he obviously is.

A few of the totally-not-radicalized people who commented on the video.

SFO is still banned from Twitter, which means he doesn’t get to argue about communism with people ten years younger than him and refer to them using terms like “bimbo thot”.

He also isn’t able to try and sic ICE on people anymore.

However, he does still find time to play games with his buddy Dave.

Don’t be like Dave.

We will of course try to keep our readers updated about any significant or interesting developments with SFO, but we don’t think you need to hear about every daily rant about SJWs and communism.

Unless he does something drastic, like getting over GamerGate and/or growing up, we expect things will continue to be a lot more of the same.

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