With a pandemic going on, it’s to be expected that we would see a major uptick in cult activity locally. We have remarked before on the similarity between the people who join the far-right movements we write about and people that join cults.

Q-Anon is an enormous subject, so much so that we are not even going to try and cover it comprehensively. In lieu of trying to take on the subject as a whole, we’re attaching some links for further reading:

Indeed, almost all of the far-right here have latched onto it.

The biggest exception to this are the Soldiers of Odin, but that still hasn’t stopped them from palling around with the Q crowd.

Jason identifies as a Satanist in the tradition of Anton LaVey, which is also not that great, to say the least

Since the pandemic began, Sudbury Shoutout UNCUT – which frankly, is already a public health nuisance at the best of times – has become a local hub for conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 and 5G.

Predictably, we also find a lot of overlap with the Q cult there.

Facebook groups have a very handy feature that allows you to see what people in them have indicated that they live in the same city as you. Using this and combining it with other Qultists we were already aware of, we’ve been able to find about fifty locals who can be fairly described as having taken an interest in Q-Anon, though we suspect the actual number is in the hundreds.

To put that in perspective: If you’ve gone to the grocery store or the bus depot recently, you probably saw at least one person who’s into this while you were there.

A local man who some of our local readers will no doubt recognize from various online spaces posts in one of the larger Q-Anon groups.

MatrixVR owner Juan Riviere shares some Q content.

There’s also a major cause for concern in that we are seeing a lot of the same content shared by individuals who most people would describe as “hippies”.

The video here is from popular Q-Anon YouTuber Amazing Polly.

We can’t think of any better way to illustrate how dangerous all of this is than to show you what’s become of local Yellow Vest Jeff Doyle.

As you’ll see, it looks like he’s having buckets of fun.

Just say no, kids… Because anything is better than this.

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